The dog with a drop of lion blood

The Rhodesian Ridgeback really can’t hide. First of all because of his stately size: the male dog gets up to 69 cm elegant muscles, female dogs up to 66cm. But also the breeds characteristic makes sure you’ll recognize a Ridgeback as soon as you see one: it’s ridge, which grows against the direction of the rest of its hair. Those who have a Ridgeback know all about the breeds other characteristics too: they love speed and being active, not really ideal for the unhurried kind of people. They are very intelligent as well and love tracking, mantrailing etc.- so just a little walk in the park without any action is definitely not enough. But until it is mentally fully grown it takes about 2-3 years which is remarkably more than it takes for other breeds. Patience and sensitivity are required because strictness is not going to get you anywhere with a Ridgeback. Afterwards you’re going to have a royally appearing companion. Very grand he will always keep his cool and be even more sensible and act according to his instincts. A dreambreed- but surely not made for everyone.