Ye Japah Gwai Xhana Lubaya. No that’s not some new dog disease but my full name. Not surprising because my parents are full-blooded Ridgebacks so they have Southafrican roots- that’s why this all sounds a bit funny for German ears. My father Shanghai Denga Windo Is a real champion, and emigrated back there a while ago. Back to the roots you could say. My mum Ye JaphaDiketi is at least as good as that and you could call her a multi-champion. Something really good. I was born at the 9th of March 20011 and even though I have noble ancestors I do officially allow you now to call me “Schnattchen”. It’s my nickname-my family gave it to me. Why? Well you better ask them yourself. In the beginning of 2011 my human parents thought their human children were old enough now so a third dog shouldn’t be a problem. The family’s situation changed in May 2011 again-when I came 9 weeks young setting up camp at the Friedrich’s. I declare myself to be guilty as charged. The Rhodesian Ridgeback virus infected my guys since they know me. But there is worse eh?

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