Ye Japha Impressive Highness of Sanbona aka Otayo

With me there finally is a real man living in the Friedrich's house, because on the dog side there used to be an excess of women. That had to change and thats why I am living there since the 15th of september 2013. Well and of course because those bipads think I am so incredibly cute.

They told me they have been waiting for me for years- just for me.

My mom is Ye Japha Impala and my folks have already visited the dogparents Heike and Peter in 2011 because for them it had to be one of Impalas puppies. But then Schnattchen came wich was completely unexpected and they descided to wait for another round. It was thought to be untill the end of 2012or the beginning of 2013. They were excited looking forward to day x. Amore and that kind of stuff you know. But Impala crossed their plans. All the amorousness didn't bring any more results. No big surprise, because they were waiting just for me. And waitig was worth it when I was born on the 14t of july 2013 together with 10 other little chocolatebeans. But they didn't even look at the others I was their hero from the first moment on. And wow that was close as this was my mums last litter with the male dog Zeeboogie delle cime Bianche who lives in italy.

Gotta stop chitchatting now. There is so much to disover here for a puppy like me. See ya!

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